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Thin wall mold solution

Dec. 30, 2016

Thin-Wall Mold + High speed precise moulding machine + High MFI plastic material

Thin-wall mold:

1.the wall thickness less then 0.45mm is meaning thin wall molding.

2. thin wall mold need very precise machining and mold base to realize the even wall thickness.

3. thin wall mold mold base steel and cavity core steel must be deep hardened HRC bigger then 48.

4. thin wall injection molding need very good cooling system in the mold.

5. thin wall mold multi-cavities need very special injection system.

6. thin wall mold need very special air venting in the mold.

7. thin wall mold need all the cavities and cores self-inter-locked.

High speed precise moulding machine:

1. the mold must suitable for high speed injection, if the machine is good enough, the cycle time can be 3.3 seconds.

2. thin wall injection molding solution also need the high speed injection molding machine.

High MFI plastic material:

1. thin wall mold need the plastic material MFI bigger then 40. (bigger MFI is better).

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