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  • How to avoid plastic mould deformation Plastic molds are an important tool for the production of plastic products. They can give the plastic products a complete configuration and precise size. When the plastic mold is deformed, it will dire… 8-11-2018
  • How important is the mould design in plastic mould making? To Take Measures to Prevent the Problems from Occurring in the First PlaceThe molding accuracy is not only completely dependent on the injection mold, but even its intrinsic quality and molding efficie… 18-10-2018
  • How to extend the plastic mould life? Plastic mould manufacturing is a step from design, processing, assembly, adjustment, correction and finally can be put into practical use. What will influence the mould life?1. Mould steelThe most impo… 10-8-2018
  • What kinds of materials are needed to make a plastic injection mold? First, the performance of mold materials1. Mirror polish2. Hardness and abrasion resistance3. Strength and toughness4. Corrosion resistance 8-5-2017
  • The main performance requirements for plastic molds 1. Heat resistanceWith the emergence of high-speed molding machinery, plastic products production goes faster. Since the molding temperature is generally between 160 ~ 350 ℃, some poor mobility, fast … 1-3-2017
  • Injection mould cooling water leakage fault and its elimination 7-11-2016
  • plastic hanger mould 4-11-2016
  • plastic basin mould 4-11-2016
  • plastic pallet mould 3-11-2016
  • home appliance mould 2-11-2016
  • What is called hard mold? As customer’s quality awareness for the product improving, many manufacturers have high requirements for the mold and mold material. Hard mold collectively refers to plastic die/mold core and c… 2-11-2016
  • Cost considerations in design There are two areas of consideration in designing for injection moulding:Design of the part to minimise production costsDesign of the part to minimise tooling costsProduction ConsiderationsInjection mo… 2-11-2016
  • How to choose hot runner nozzle? Here Micon Mouldsimply introduces some factors that will influence the selection of nozzle. 1.Product Weight: different weight requires different hot runner.2.Plastic Raw Material: different raw mate… 2-11-2016
  • How to solve the problem with plastic injection moulding—bubbles Bubbles (or voids) are a phenomenon in which air bubbles are left inside the molded product. In the case of transparent molded products such as lenses or prisms, bubbles become external appearance de… 2-11-2016
  • Gate design overview What is a gate?A gate is a small opening (or orifice) through which the polymer melt enters the cavity. Gate design for a particular application includes selection of the gate type, dimensions, and l… 2-11-2016
  • Why there is welding mark on plastic injection products? I: Causes: 1-1 the cooling solidification of the front part of molten material1-2 the volatilized material is sealed1-3 there is mold release agents in cavityII: Links:2-1 using one sprue gate, there i… 2-11-2016
  • How to avoid plastic stress cracking? When plastic injection molding, the inner stress easily occurs and get crack. The plastic parts have stress cracking as the action force or solvent action.How to avoid the stress cracking? There are ma… 2-11-2016
  • Plastic mould repair and maintenance When the mould runs for a long time, it is required repair and maintenance. A bucket manufacturer complained to me that their bucket moulds often need repair and the maintenance fee is beyond the budge… 2-11-2016
  • What is a “Qualified Mould”? If can make a qualified plastic parts, does that mean the mold is qualified? The answer is MAYBE.A good and qualified mold can bring profits for the injection company and can be tested by scientific me… 2-11-2016
  • Difference of plastic PP plastic is crystallization type polymer, PP plastic is the most light in common plastic, density just 0.91g/cm3. General plastic, PP plastic is the most abrasive resistance. Its thermal deformatio… 2-11-2016

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