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Supply all kinds of high-quality turnover box moulds

Sep. 02, 2017

Professional turnover box mold manufacturers, supply all kinds of high-quality turnover box moulds

Crate box mould steel generally use 718 or 2738, to go through forging, CNC milling roughing, quenching and tempering, CNC milling finishing and other multi-channel processing processes. The crate box of plastic is generally HDPE, PP and other plastics.

Crate mould usually use 4 points hot runner, stripper plate ejection.

Hot runner advantage is: 1. Save material, no need to cut gate and crushed. 2. Accelerate the cycle, improve production efficiency. 3. In the long run can reduce costs.

Special requirements for crate mould making:

1. Exhaust effect should be excellent; otherwise the molded plastic products will have dark spots, etc., or will also burn seriously;

2. Stacking effect should be good, do not shake;

3. Parting line should be good, do not wear hand.

4. Mold need be high polishing, because the turnover box is daily necessities, so there can not have flash, burr, so as not to scratch the skin.

crate mould

crate mould

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