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Packaging Mould


The plastic packaging industry is facing big challenges nowadays. A good package  can make product attractive and competitive. If take advantages in packaging,  that surely will bring a lot of profit.

Micon plastic mould have developed many packaging moulds including thin wall  mould, food container mould, standard cap mould, tub mould, ice cream cup mould,  yogurt container mould, cosmetic container mould, air cups mould, paint  container mould with seal type lids etc.

Mould steel

We usually use H13 Steel and German 2378 steel and hot runner for such high  quality packaging moulds. Detailed mould drawings are provided by us for every  part to ensure we fulfill all the requirements.

Mould design

Injection moulds for packaging requires high polishing. We always recommend an  A-1 level diamond polish especially in case of highly detailed packaging parts.  It is also recommended to use electroplating to protect that diamond finish, so  the mould can run longer and produce more products.

Cap moulds

Caps for packaging are approached from a slightly different angle than the  cosmetics packaging discussed above. In the world of high production,  multicavity injection molds, any edge that can help reduce cycle time is seen as  a tremendous advantage. This calls for good quality steel and a fast cooling  system. Recommended steels would be 2316 for core and cavity and P20 for mould  base. Even a small reduction in cycle time can mean a notable increase in both  part quantities and profits.

In case of cap molds, the most important factor besides the shelf appeal is the  ability to produce maximum parts in minimum time. Here the effort needs to be  made to reduce the cycle time to the least possible. This calls for good quality  steel and a fast cooling system. Even a small reduction in cycle time can mean a  notable increase in both part quantity and profit.

The way to achieve faster cycle time

(1) By reducing the coefficient of friction. It allows the resin to fill the  mold more easily using less injection pressure;

(2) Better release properties equate to fewer imperfect parts and smoother  production. Packaging molds can hugely benefit from better release on the core,  corrosion protection on the cavity and core, as well as more efficient material  flow.

We develop standard PET bottle cap moulds, Flip top cap mould, Pilfer proof cap  mould, Anti theft cap mould, Thread cap mould all in single and multiple  cavities ranging from 28 mm to 38 mm.
We also specialise thin wall container moulds and perform moulds.