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Mould Service
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Mould Service

Micon Plastic Mould is dedicated in plastic mould manufacturing in  China. We offer custom plastic injection molding services as well as mould making  solutions.

Mold is a precision engineering, we always think in details to determine success  or failure like the steel type choose, machining processes flow, the degree of  precision and so on. All the problems, as responsible company will try their  best to help you and offer you a good Pre-sales and after-sales service.

Our Experience for Various Industries:

Disposable Industry
Food Package Industry
Industrial Package Field
Electronic Industry
Home Appliance Industry
House Hold Industry
Medical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Automobile Industry
Horticulture Industry
Livestock Industry
Cosmetics Industry
PVC pipe Fitting Industry
Rubber Industry

Types of Moulds:

Two plate system auto injection moulds
Three plate system auto injection moulds
Hot runner system and semi hot runner moulds
Cold runner system moulds
Hydraulic core pulling system moulds
Hand injection moulds
Blow moulds

What We Offer:

Automatic injection moulds
Automatic blow moulds
Compression moulds
Hot runner and semi hot runner moulds
Hydraulic core puller system moulds
Plastic product design
Plastic mould design
Plastic injection molding
Plastic prototype and 3D printing

We offer high quality moulds with competitive cost. sincerely hopes a good  cooperation with you.