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Plastic mould repair and maintenance

Jan. 08, 2017

When the mould runs for a long time, it is required repair and maintenance. A bucket manufacturer complained to me that their bucket moulds often need repair and the maintenance fee is beyond the budget. How to change this situation? Actually a good maintenance is more important than repair. It is not advisable to repair the mould again and again which apparently will shorten the mould life. There are three tips for plastic mould maintenance:

a)  In the daily use, pay attention on the cleaning of the moving parts, and make sure the water line dredge is not blocked. Plastic factory runs the mould every day; this basic maintenance takes a key role in mould use.

b) Except the daily maintenance, regular check and cleaning can’t be ignored. After finishing the production, remember to clean the air vent and amend or modify the wear and tear parts.

c) The next is to keep the mould appearance maintenance, which can ensure the mould keep close and tight and prevent dust.

Those are the basic aspects and it truly works.

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