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China mold maker
China mold maker

Plastic mould solutions


Plastic mould manufacturing is a vast industry, covers engineering &  design and machining and so on. With the new plastic products continue to  emerge, plastic mold has been improved, plastic mould technology or mold  equipment are constantly updated. MICON Plastic mould has seen a lot of  advancement in terms of implication of technology. We exercise advanced  technology making use of more sophisticated equipment to create various purposes  of plastic moulds.

MICON Mould has many years of experience on the research, design, manufacture  and sale of plastic moulds. With years of development, we have formed our own  characteristic in mould design and manufacture. Our moulds widely used in civil,  medical equipment, electronic appliances, automobile and motorcycle parts,  industrial. By using Pro-E, Solidworks, U.G., and Auto-CAD for mould and plastic  parts design, MICON mould has strong mould design capability and drawing reading  ability. All of these ensure our good technical communication with customers, so  as to avoid mistakes.

We manufacture moulds as per our clients requirements and take every step  possible to turn up with the exact copy of what our clients demand. Our research  and development is highly specialized to study the need and requirements to be  able to offer customised solutions to all their needs.

We believe in hard work, consistency and honesty and these are the building  blocks for our success in this industry for more than past two decades. Since we  focus on quality and consider the client’s specifications precisely, we test  each of our products for precision and accuracy before delivering an order.

Our product ranges: thin wall moulds, commodity moulds, crate moulds, bucket  moulds and home appliance moulds to auto part moulds.

MICON Mould sincerely invites you to visit our company and establish long-term  business relationship with us.

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