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Plastic mold runner system layout


Basic layouts

There are three basic runner system layouts typically used for a multi-cavity  system. These layouts are illustrated in Figure 1 below.

Standard (herringbone) runner system

“H” bridge (branching) runner system

Radial (star) runner system

FIGURE 1. Basic runner system layouts

Balanced vs. unbalanced layouts

Balanced layouts

The “H” (branching) and radial (star) systems are considered to be naturally  balanced. The naturally balanced runner provides equal distance and runner size  from the sprue to all the cavities, so that each cavity fills under the same  conditions.

Unbalanced layouts

Although the herringbone is naturally unbalanced, it can accommodate more  cavities than its naturally balanced counterparts, with minimum runner volume  and less tooling cost. An unbalanced runner system can be artificially balanced  by changing the diameter and the length of the runner.

Automatic balancing

Runner balancing can be accomplished automatically with runner balancing  analysis.  

Hot runner system for different products have different Nozzle:

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