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Plastic mold manufacturer

Nov. 08, 2016

Micon Plastic Mould is a Plastic mold manufacturer & supplier Company in China which offers  plastic molds manufacturing services and solutions worldwide.

A. Plastic Mold manufacturing features:

1. Manufacturing high quality requirements.
2. Complex shape.
3. High hardness.
4. Single-piece production.

B. What are the basic requirements to adapt the injection mold manufacturing?

1. Manufacturing high precision.
2. Long life.
3. Short manufacturing cycle.
4. Low tooling costs.

C. What are the main methods to make the metal material into the plastic molds?

1. Machining
2. Special processing.
3. Plastic processing.
4. Casting and welding.

D. How about the plastic injection mould manufacturing technology trends?

1. The development of sophisticated, complex, large-scale, long-life molds.
2. Accelerate standardization and commercialization of the mold in order to improve quality and shorten the manufacturing cycle.
3. Vigorously develop and promote the use of CAD / CAM in order to improve the automation of  mould manufacturing process.
4. The development of new technologies, new varieties and new materials.
5. The development of mold processing equipment.

E. What is the basic mould manufacturing process route?

1. An estimate analysis.
2. Mold design.
3. Mold drawing.
4. Parts processing.
5. Equipment adjustment.
6. Try out.

F. What is the superiority of special processing in comparison to the conventional machining?

1. The case has nothing to do with the hardness of the work piece machining
2. The tool is generally not in contact with the work piece.
3. It can process a variety of complex shape parts.

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