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Plastic injection chair mould tips

Sep. 27, 2017

Order a high-quality chair mold, we have to choose a high-quality plastic mold manufacturers.

1. Chair mould injection cycle time: 45-50s’

2. Gate: hot runner big gate to side gate

3. The steel harness: If the requirement is not very high, recommend P20 with steel hardness HRC33. If high requirements, you can use imported DIN2738, steel hardness HRC36-38.

4. Chair mould life. P20 normally less than 50 million shots. DIN 2738 normally 100 million shots under correct operating.

5. Interchangeable inserts. The chair back can be changed by inserts. We can make different back inserts according to the market fashion pattern.

Whether the plastic chair mould qualified, there must at least up to four points.

1. Stacking effect. After chair molding, we need check the stacking effect of its superimposed, such as superimposed vertical degree, to stack 15 layers to see if straight.

2. Weight. The general chair is about 2.2kgs, overweight will increase the cost, resulting in profit loss. If too light, the product quality is not qualified.

3. Load-bearing. To consider the possibility of deformation between the chair frame and four legs, we generally test with a hundred kilograms of material instead of labor, 24-hour stacking, four legs between the deformation distance can not exceed 3 cm.

4. Parting line: must avoid sharp edges. Too rough parting line is dangerous for skin.

chair mould

chair mould

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