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China mold maker
China mold maker

Plastic cutlery mould manufacturer


Nowadays, there are many plastic cutleries in the market, such as plastic spoon, plastic knife and plastic fork. Micon Mould is a professional cutlery mould manufacturer, supplying top quality mould to make different kinds of plastic cutleries. Our fork mould, spoon mould, knife mould, etc, all are highly praised by our clients.

As the cutlery mould manufacturer, we pay attention to the reasonable requirement, so according customer's production requirement, injection machine specification and customer's invest ability, Micon mould can help customer chose the suitable mould cavities and maximize their production benefits.

Good mould quality is also very important character of us. Mould quality is also a guarantee for customer’s production. Cavity and core, we choice H13 or S136 steel, hardness 45-50HRC, mould life can reach 2 million shots.

Our mould also is diversity. provide cold runner and hot runner to customer choice, if need save the plastic material, we suggest used fully hot runner.

When you need cutlery mould , please feel free to connect with me, we can offer you the high quality mould with reasonable price.

cutlery mould

cutlery mould

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