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Plastic chair mold

Dec. 14, 2016

There are many plastic chair mold manufacturer in the world, different mold  cost, different mold quality. So today, let's talk about the plastic chair mold  in our factory---MICON MOULD.

A. Good plastic chair mold design

Mould design is the most important step for manufacture a good plastic chair  mold, reasonable mould structure, the suitable ejector system, injection system,  cooling system, air venting system, guide system.

B. Good temperature control for Chair mold

1.The plastic chair mold cooling channel quantities as much as possible and the  channel diameter as big as possible. the distance between each cooling channel  and cavity surface should be same.
2. The injection gate should be cooling very important.

C. The chair weight capacity and weight

First we design this kind chair, the first thing we consider about is its weight  and weight capacity. At the begin, we will increase the strength of the bottom  part of the chair through putting more strengthening rib. And about the area of  the legs, back and cushions, we will analyze the amount of force of every area.  So we can know the weight capacity of the chair clearly.

D. Long time chair mold life

1. Choose the suitable steel, 718H is very good steel for chair mold,but because  of steel cost, customer use steel P20(28-31HRC) for chair mold.
2. Important to prevent the fash and burr. use high CNC precision machining to  Chair mold.

plastic chair mold

plastic chair mold

plastic chair mold

plastic chair mold

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