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Injection mould cooling water leakage fault and its elimination

Mar. 06, 2017

Injection mold cooling water leakage is a frequent occurrence, for many reasons, mainly in the following areas.

1.Most occur in the mold cooling water pipe joints, if have water leakage, should use tape bind the pipe joint thread, and then tighten it.

2.As a result of long-term molding conditions, the mold inside waterproof ring will be damaged. The O-shaped waterproof rubber ring is easy to harden and crack, resulting in leakage. Some poor installation of waterproof ring can cause seal failure. Generally need to regularly check the seal ring installation location and sealing performance.

3.Cooling water hole wall damaged. This is often the case when trying new molds, where the wall thickness is sufficient but the hole wall is punctured due to machining errors or post-processing. In most cases, the leaky water hole can not be reused.

4.Cooling water hole maintenance. Cooling water hole is easy to scale, hinder heat transfer, block the water runner when seriously, which needs regular maintenance. For linear water holes, can insert steel bar with smaller diameter 0.5mm than water hole, with hammer percussion to remove scale and rust. For the cooling water pipe embedded in the mold, the mold should be decomposed to remove the rust. Maintenance should be carried out after the leakage test. Using hand-pump to fill hole with water, 2MPa pressure to maintain 5min, by observing the water pressure is reduced to determine whether the water hole leakage. Can use rubber, cork and other elastic materials to plug the leakage location by mechanical fastening method, but also try to use normal temperature curing silicone as a sealing material.

5.Regular maintain heating and decompression pump and using. The heating tube is an effective heat transfer element and is very effective for core cooling of deep structures. In the location where the cooing water easily goes through, set a unidirectional heating pipe could reduce leakage. In addition, using reduced pressure pump to absorb cooling water also can prevent the cooling water leakage.

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