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Industrial Mould


Industrial moulds include a wide range of products. Our main industrial moulds  are plastic crate mould, paint bucket mould, tool box mould, storage  box mould, battery box mould, plastic container mould, industrial logistic  pallet mould, auto parts mould, electrical parts mould, pipe moulds etc.

Mould design

Before selecting the right steel for industrial moulds, we need to think  about the complexity of the part, material flow, doing the structural analysis  and providing a suitable ejection system. It is important to do mould flow  analysis before mould designing, planning the assembly and functionality of the plastic mould.

Mould structure

Mould structure needs to be accurate, reasonable and functional. Every product  should achieve the exact part dimensions and weight requirement. It is important  to consider the shrinkage of the material after molding. Moreover, it is also  important to ensure a good gating system, cooling lines, quality of hot runners  to get a perfect final part.
Mould cooling time for the industrial crates, pallets, electronic parts and pipe  fitting moulds is the biggest factor to be considered. Many tool makers use  regular cooling designs for these moulds, while it should use customized cooling  systems for every part separately. Optimization of cooling process can save  money in the overall cycle period during production. Even cooling lines are  considered as the backbone of the product function in many cases of industrial  category especially in the cases of multi cavity complex moulds.


As we know the steel determines the life of the mould. The most commonly used  steel for HDPE crates and pallets is China P20 for the core and cavity and C45  steel for the mould base. The hardness is 35 - 38 HRC. China P20 can run for at  least 500000 without any glitches.
Parts made from PVC require steel such as 3Cr13 (type of a stainless steel) from  China which helps the material flow well without sticking especially in cases of  hollow products such as pipe fittings. This mould steel does not require chrome  plating or polis, the hardness is strong enough to produce more than 0.5  millions shots.

Mould delivery time

For complex moulds such as the above normally we need about 60-70 days.