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How to choose hot runner nozzle?

Feb. 10, 2017

Here Micon Mouldsimply introduces some factors that will influence the  selection of nozzle. 1.Product Weight: different weight requires different hot  runner.

2.Plastic Raw Material: different raw material has different processing  variables which will influence the selection of hot runner system.

3.Mould: how many cavities? How is the distance of nozzle layout? What is the  material for processing? Etc. Those are related factors for hot runner system.

4.Cycle Time: the fast production cycle time means higher requirement for the  nozzle. For example, the nozzle must transfer the heat precisely and should be  durable.

5.Gate: as for pin-point gate, in order to keep a very good heat balance during  the molding cycle period, the tip should have melting and cooling sealing  function. But as for valve gate system, the gate is sealed mechanically.

6.Nozzle: nozzle can be distinguished by size, temperature layout, physical  property, material (copper, steel etc.), maintenance difficulty level and price  etc.

7.Runner: the application of hot runner system avoids the scrap material so that  raw material is saved and don’t need workers to get rid of the scrap by hands or  manipulator or other ways any more.

8.Temperature Control: every nozzle must be connected with a complex temperature  controller.

9.Injection Machine Function: can be fixed to the intended size mould, can  provide enough clamping force, can be operated according to cycle time, can  plasticizing enough material etc.

10.Produce Design: as we know normally the product design is finished at first,  but finally the molding product is completed in hot runner mould. In order to  guarantee a smooth surface and easy demolding, we have to consider the factors  when working on product physical design.

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