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Difference of plastic

Jan. 30, 2017

PP plastic is crystallization type polymer, PP plastic is the most light in common plastic, density just 0.91g/cm3. General plastic, PP plastic is the most abrasive resistance. Its thermal deformation temperature of 80-100℃,can boil in the boiling water. PP plastic comprehensive performance is better than PE plastic. PP product is lighter, good toughness, chemical resistance good.
PP plastic faults: size accuracy is low, poor in weather fastness, it easy  generation "copper pollution", after demould, easy to aging, dmbritlerment, easy to deform.
In daily life, crispers are made of PP plastic.

PE plastic is not readity soluble in water, water imbibition is small. Because PE plastic water imbibition is small, not easy wet, have insulation performance, it is a good building materials.

PVC: Obdurability, has insulation, chemical resistance, add plasticizer will soften, heat resistance.

PMMA: Colorless transparent, good optical properties, obdurability, good insulation

PS: Colorless transparent, easy dyeing, good insulation

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