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China plastic mould factory

Dec. 06, 2016

China plastic mold factory

.Micon Plastic Mould is professional China plastic mold factory working for mold  manufacturing.
.In 12 hours to reply your inquiry

What kind of plastic products we made for plastic mold.

.Disposable Industry
.Food Package Industry
.Industrial Package Field
.Electronic Industry
.Home Appliance Industry
.House Hold Industry
.Medical Industry
.Pharmaceutical Industry
.Automobile Industry
.Horticulture Industry
.Livestock Industry
.Cosmetics Industry
.PVC pipe Fitting Industry etc.

Plastic prototype manufacturing by China plastic mold factory Micon

.3D printing, SLA and CNC machining for custom plastic product prototype  manufacturing.
.We will choose the most valuable prototyping solution for custom plastic  product prototype making based on customer demand.

Custom plastic mold manufacturing by China plastic mold factory Micon

.Micon offer custom plastic mold manufacturing service. We have easier  communication working flow chart and form to serve your inquiry of custom  plastic mold making demand to short our communication time to offer the custom  service.
.Most of engineer in Micon have more ten years mold experience.
.We build customer plastic mold specification archives, this means we can  transform idea of your plastic mold specification very fast.
.Mold flow analysis before plastic mold design to find out all of possible  issue.

China plastic mold factory Micon trade term

FOB Ningbo, FOB Shanghai, CIF..

China plastic mold factory Micon shipping

We can handle the custom plastic molds shipping and custom plastic molding parts  shipping from China to global. Sure you can also use your forwarder to handle  the shipping.

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