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Mould problems solution
Mould problems solution

Mold Operation - check the plastic injection mold before trial test


1. For injection molding, the mold cavity surface should be chromed and  embalmed.

2. Plastic parts should not have obvious and big acute angle, large and  medium-sized mold should be lifted by hanging holes, rings. Check the eyebolt  hole if any breakage, cracking, deformation. Choose the right eyebolt before  installation.

3. Check the wire rope.

4. Pressure parts in contact with each bearer, there should be a reasonable way  for pressure bearing area and avoid direct exposure to squeeze.

5. The stability of the plastic mold should be good, have strength, stress  equilibrium and work smoothly.

6. The surface contact with the molded parts, injection system etc and other  melt should be smooth, flat, no collapse pits, scratches and other defects.

7. The mold stroke, each mating parts installed in the injection machine, the  mold release ways, mold opening and closing, the mold workpiece shall meet the  relevant conditions requirements.

8. The mold should have production number, clamping signs, all kinds of  fittings, valves, accessories, spare parts. All parts should be completed.

9. The gas between each sliding parts shall meet the requirements, starting and  ending location should be positioned properly. The inserts, fastening parts  should be firmly embedded.

10. Water plug of “in/entrance” and “out/exit” should be connected correctly  according to the sequence.

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