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Chair mould

Apr. 14, 2017

The chair is one of the indispensable major furniture in our daily life, the most common are wooden chairs and plastic chairs. And the plastic chairs become the first choice for families and restaurants with its practicality and easy moving, Can be stacked to reduce space.

Micon Mould have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and export plastic chair mould. Gain satisfaction of clients rely on high quality and stability of the chair moulds. We supply various type of chair mould such as PC chair mould, children chair mould, bench chair mould

 We offer the following solutions to our clients in product development. As follows:

1. The clients have roughly Plan of plastic chairs and a simple drawings. Our professional design engineers will be designed according to customer's ideas, is expected to 3-5 working days to complete product design, and delivered to the customer for confirmation.

2. According to the clients demands, we offer up to many chairs photos for customer selected, which includes PC chair, beach chairs, folding chairs, children's chairs and so on.

3. If clients provide design drawings or samples, we will produce according to the sample, Strictly control the size, do exactly the same

As a China plastic moulds maker, Micon Mould provide you the top-quality chair molds and the excellent pre- sale and after-sales service. 

chair mould

chair mould

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