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Chair mould
Chair mould

Chair mouldChair Mould, stool mold, chair base mould
Plastic chairs and stools can easily get folded, easy to be transported for  relatively light weight. The chairs and stools are often used in catering and  leisure areas. Plastic chair is one of the most importance furnitures. and be  popular with modern consumers.

But now people require the chair is not only about durable. Now more and more  people asked for both beautiful and practical, and some even want to change the  shape. On this subject, our company can provide you solutions conveniently.

1. Good plastic chair mold design, mould design is the most important step for  manufacture a good plastic chair mold, reasonable mould structure, the suitable  ejector system, injection system, cooling system, air venting system, guide  system.
2. Choose the suitable steel, 718H is very good steel for chair mould, but  because of steel cost, customer use steel P20 for chair mold(stool mould).
3. Choose the best suitable tooling technical, Using big CNC milling tooling  machine and mould press machine.
4. Mould assembling, the chair mold assembling must be very carefully, check  connect of every mould plate; ejector pin, stripper, eject block or slider  should move smooth.
5. Good technichian manual polishing or plus hard chrome plating keep the chair  long time lasting shine.
6. Interim treatment: quenching, improve the hardness.

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