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  • Plastic crate mould factory in China Plastic Fruits and Vegetable Crate Mould ManufacturerPlastic crate injection moldingThe plastic crates and boxes are suitable for clothing, hardware, machinery, electronics, chemical, instrumentation, aquaculture, food, a… 10-4-2019
  • Preliminary understanding of plastic injection molding As the applications of plastics increases additional demands will be placed on the natural properties of the plastics and on the manufacturing processes. The production of intricate parts with extremely high tolerance and… 10-4-2019
  • Tips for plastic rattan stool mould manufacturing Plastic rattan chairs and stools are very popular nowadays as it is durable, beautiful and with good texture. If want to produce high-quality chairs and stools, we must ensure that all aspects of the mold are optimized to… 4-4-2019
  • Where can find plastic cable tie mould manufacturer? The nylon cable ties are made of UL-approved nylon-66 (Nylon 66) material. The fire rating is 94V-2. It has good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, and is not easy to age and bear strong. Operat… 4-4-2019
  • Plastic toilet cup mould maker from China Household cup mould, plastic mug mould, water bottle mould, water cup mould, drink cup mould, kitchen cup mould, measuring cup mould, toilet cup mould, toilet brush holder mould, plastic handle mould, brush plastic handle… 28-3-2019
  • Plastic backpack buckle mould maker Backpack buckles mould, side release buckles mould, mult-size bag buckle mould, plastic bag accessories mould, luggage bag buckle mouldChina plastic backpack buckle mould maker Plastic quick release buckles are widely use… 28-3-2019
  • Plastic tableware mould maker in China Plastic tableware mould, crystal tray mould, transparent food tray mould, food plate mould, clear PS tray mould, thin wall tray mould, plastic dinner plate mould, disposable cutlery mould, party tray mould, plastic plate … 28-3-2019
  • Plastic storage drawer mould When you need get dressed, you shouldn’t have to waste time searching for the socks, pants. Storage cabinets that help you sort and organize it all; you can keep track of what you really need. As a plastic mould maker, w… 2-3-2019
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