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  • Injection mould cooling water leakage fault and its elimination 7-11-2016
  • How to make a good plastic crate mold? To produce a high quality crate mold, you must understand the following techniques and quality points about the turnover box mold:Crate mold quality points1. Long life2. High-speed injection3. Have a good exhaust system … 2-11-2016
  • How can we order a good plastic chair mould? To order high-quality chair mould, we have to be very careful to choose the mould company. If you want to know their quality of chairs mould, ask a few questions:Chair mould quality points:. Chair mould cycle. Chair mou… 2-11-2016
  • Thin-wall injection solution Thin wall plastic food containers are becoming more and more popular. The thermoforming disposable containers are considered more cost of electricity power consumptions and complex process. As you know, thermoforming pr… 2-11-2016
  • What is called hard mold? As customer’s quality awareness for the product improving, many manufacturers have high requirements for the mold and mold material. Hard mold collectively refers to plastic die/mold core and cavity with hardness … 2-11-2016
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