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  • Nylon cable tie moulding Cable Tie can be used for versatile purposes. Cable tie manufacturer purchases nylon granules from plastic granule suppliers who also sell them in different colors.Cable ties may be used for wires, cable wires, bicycles, … 15-5-2017
  • The wide application of nylon cable ties Nylon cable ties are often used as a tool in our daily lives. They are not always remembered by people in large tools, but they cannot be ignored.Nylon characteristics (1) High strength, can withstand a long time load;(2)… 15-5-2017
  • What kinds of materials are needed to make a plastic injection mold? First, the performance of mold materials1. Mirror polish2. Hardness and abrasion resistance3. Strength and toughness4. Corrosion resistance 8-5-2017
  • Why use hot runner for thin wall moulds? Generally we use hot runner to do thin-walled fast food container mold, thin wall bucket mold, mainly because it has the advantages that traditional molds cannot reach:1.Shorten the parts forming cycle. Due to the runner … 11-4-2017
  • How much do you know about disposable cutlery mould? Professional production of various PP / PS knife and fork spoon mold, injection spoon mold used in hotels, restaurants and other occasions, high quality plastic spoon mold generally use PP, PS material, wall thickness 0.6… 11-4-2017
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