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  • Plastic coke box mould Coke box generally use new HDPE material with high bearing capacity and good toughness, so the box mould production requirements are relatively high. 1.One of important things is that we shall pay attention to core deviat… 2-9-2017
  • Supply all kinds of high-quality turnover box moulds Professional turnover box mold manufacturers, supply all kinds of high-quality turnover box mouldsCrate box mould steel generally use 718 or 2738, to go through forging, CNC milling roughing, quenching and tempering, CNC … 2-9-2017
  • Injection mould ejector bar water route It is better if can custom ejector bar, but the processing cost is relatively high. Nowadays many moulds structure is used standard parts; the quality is at conventional level. If the gap between ejector bar and guide hol… 18-7-2017
  • Thin wall molds for plastic food containers Thin Wall Molds for Plastic Food ContainersA number of plastics are used for food containers. PET bottles, food cups, and food packaging are mostly made of plastics.Quality control of food containers is necessary to ensur… 22-5-2017
  • What kind of plastic cutlery molds do you need? What Cutlery Mould Do You Need?Experience, efficiency and good service constitute the permanent commitment of our company.Micon Mould is factory directly, many years of experience in cutlery mould making and custom inject… 22-5-2017
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