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  • Hot design plastic chair mould brings the profits to you Plastic chairs are necessary furniture in everyday life. There are many different types of modern chairs, from shapes to materials, to modeling techniques. Chair injection molds are divided into armchairs, side chairs, ch… 21-3-2018
  • Valuable insight for cutlery mould The most common plastic spoon, knife and fork are made by PP, PS material. Widely used in daily necessities, aviation, or military. To produce them, need the cutlery moulds. The steps to make the mould, shortly as below:1… 21-3-2018
  • Plastic injection chair mould tips Order a high-quality chair mold, we have to choose a high-quality plastic mold manufacturers.1. Chair mould injection cycle time: 45-50s’2. Gate: hot runner big gate to side gate3. The steel harness: If the requirement i… 26-9-2017
  • Plastic chair mould production We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in chair mould production, from the chair mould RFQ, mould design, manufacturing, export them to abroad. The chair moulds that we made have gas-assistant chair, acrylic… 26-9-2017
  • where can find professional plastic spoon fork and knife mould manufacturer? Micon Plastic Mould Factory is one of the best plastic spoon mould manufacturer, forks mould supplier and knife mould maker in China. 12-9-2017
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