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  • Plastic cap mould, closure mould making With many years of practicing and development, Micon has become a mature plastic mould maker. One of our advantages is plastic cap mould manufacturing. We have accumulated rich experience in different kinds of screw and u… 15-7-2018
  • Plastic cap mould steel selecting Plastic caps are favored by more and more manufacturers and people because of their plasticity, low density, high specific strength, high degree of bonding, high chemical stability and diverse appearance. The selection of… 15-7-2018
  • Plastic PPR pipe fitting moulds supplier 25-6-2018
  • Cornstarch cutlery mould PLA is polylactic acid which is made from corn starch. It is a bioplastic that is both compostable & biodegradable.PLA is very unique material as it is made from corn and not from petroleum. Regular plastics are made from… 8-6-2018
  • Double color mould Now the ever-changing consumer product models require good looks, fancy design, and also to quickly meet market demand. Designers generally design products for different purposes, in different parts of different materials… 21-4-2018
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