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  • Main cause of defects Injection moulding defects may be caused by many different factors. Listed here are common design, maintenance and production issues that can effect the quality of injection moulded products:. Compounding: melt quality, c… 1-11-2016
  • Cold slug solution A small amount of melt solidifies at the gate point before the start of injection and is pushed into the mould cavity via the melt stream.Evidence of a cold slug normally occurs close to the injection point.Solution:1. In… 1-11-2016
  • Mould acceptance check list Before mould is transferred out of shiny, we use this document to validate the mould quality at our location. Normally, customer and mould maker attend the validation procedure together and sign off after checking. Now we… 1-11-2016
  • Procedure maintenance of mold In order to ensure that mould works well in long production life as planned, it is important to make a maintenance plan for the mould. To avoid that any foreign matters may fall into gaps of the ejection assembly during t… 1-11-2016
  • Plastic mould rusting Typically the mould rusting is caused by the gas produced by the melt overheating decomposition. If happened in molding, that is because the corrosion gas existing around rusts the mould. For this reason, we must use a dr… 1-11-2016
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