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  • Huangyan Micon Mould Factory--Huangyan Introduction Micon Plastic Mould is situated in Huangyan, which is famously known as"the Town of China Mould". It's a short commute from Huangyan to Ningbo, Wenzhou, Hangzhou or Shanghai. It is a district affiliated to Taizh… 1-11-2016
  • Plastic mould defects-moisture streaks Plastic Mould Defects-Moisture StreaksDuring storage or processing, moisture is absorbed by the granules, forming water vapor in the melt. Due to the velocity profile at the flow front, gas blisters are pushed to the surf… 1-11-2016
  • measuring cup mold, medical cup mold, medicine cup mold Micon Plastic Mould Factory is plastic mould manufacturer in China, specialized design and manufacturing of plastic moulds. Our products include thin wall container mould, household mould, medical mould, bucket mould, cra… 1-11-2016
  • Plastic mould defects-sink marks Mould defects-Sink marksSink marks occur during the cooling process, if the thermal contraction (shrinkage) of the plastic cannot be compensated in certain areas. If the outside walls of the molded part are not stable eno… 1-11-2016
  • Plastic mould defects-burnt streaks (brown or silver) Plastic Mould Defects-Burnt Streaks (brown or silver)Signs for burnt streaks:. the streak appears periodically. the streak appears behind narrow cross-sections (shear points) or shape edges in the mold. the melt temperatu… 1-11-2016
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