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How much do you know about disposable cutlery mould?


Professional production of various PP / PS knife and fork spoon mold, injection spoon mold used in hotels, restaurants and other occasions, high quality plastic spoon mold generally use PP, PS material, wall thickness 0.6-1.5mm, The number of cavity is generally controlled in the 16-48 cavity, effectively prevent the mold eccentric dislocation, waterway design uniform, mold production time can be controlled within 15S seconds.

Disposable spoon mould because of its wall thickness, lightness, high yield, short turnover, so the mold production requirements are very high, the mold clamping structure should be reasonable, the product concentricity should be high, cannot be eccentric and cannot be dislocated, waterway design should be reasonable, so as to reduce the molding cycle. The draft angle should be reasonable, to prevent the deformation and parts stick on mould.

Although it seems simple, but the requirements of the injection process is also very high, requiring high-speed high pressure, it is better to use high-speed injection molding machine for injection, ordinary injection molding machine production will be more laborious.

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