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China mold maker

Nov. 06, 2016

Micon Plastic Mould is a China plastic mold making company, a professional  plastic mold maker. It began as a small tool workshop which was set up in 2008  in Huangyan which is known as China plastics and mold making industry city. With  convenient traffic to Ningbo and Shanghai port.
Micon Mould manufactures  plastic injection molds and has ability to make plastic product design and mold  structure design for many plastic products. The molds are supplied to many  countries as well as inland China. The kinds of molds that are designed and  manufactured are broadly classified in five types based on their usage. These  are:

. Thin Wall Mold
. Package Mold
. Commodity Mold
. Medical Labware Mold
. Industrial Mold
. Auto parts mold

Among those, we have rich experience and concentration on the  followings:
Thin wall moldmaking, thin-walled container mold, thin-walled cup  mold, thin-walled tub mold etc.
Bucket mold making,0.5L-20L capacity with  shapes of round, rectangular or square.
Crate mold making, retail crate mold,  dairy crate mold, beverage crate mold, bread crate mould, meat crate mould,  argriculture crate mold etc.
Horticulture mold making, planting growing pot  mold, yard fence mold, propagation tray mold, watering can mold etc.
Medical  mold making, petri dish mold, test tube mold, medicine measuring cup mold,  medical use trays mold.
Pursuing excellence and making cost-saving molds  at Micon Mould. Our team consists of professional and passionate sales, skilled  desingers, experienced mold makers and machine operators. We use the best  machines available for mold making most for which are imported from various part  of the world. These machines operate on 24 hours and at very high speed as well  as give high precision (accuracy) rate. The 5 axis CNC machines are used as the  main processing machines. At Micon Mould, it is believed that most efficient  results are achieved by using latest technology and up to date methods. We  provide 3D printing prototype service as customer required.

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